Le Pieghevoli (The foldable range)

History, Tradition and Contemporary nature of design. These are just a token of the precious furnishings that ART&FORM has been offering since inception to its culturally sophisticated clientele, ever sensitive to the originality of the form.
LE PIEGHEVOLI is a collection that interprets the common denominator of every furnishing item: made of foldable wooden frames according to thoroughly tested specifications and proven construction methods, particularly with regard to the strength of the accurately assembled components and to the practicality of the opening/closing mechanism in all sorts of conditions of use and .. transport!!
Once folded, many pieces occupy so little space as to in fact be considered "portable". This is the case, for example, of the iconic model RI-PIEGO, which can be provided with a practical canvas bag with shoulder strap! This is specially made so that ... proud owners needn't leave it at home but can make use of it when it's needed elsewhere!!
LE PIEGHEVOLI provides a selection of items that are at once practical, comfortable and stylistically accomplished. With its vaguely Northern European-inspired flavor - as well as its unique and never predictable constructive finesse - it stands out for its fun, tongue-in-cheek design as much as for its exquisite craftsmanship. A true example of "Made in Italy" by ART&FORM!